At Duffy & Duffy our legal team uses extensive resources and years of experience in pursuit of a resolution of your medical malpractice lawsuit. A medical malpractice attorney in our firm handles a variety of cases involving doctors’ mistakes and omissions, and hospital negligence. While every case is unique these are more common examples of medical malpractice cases. Contact our Long Island medical malpractice lawyers today at (516) 394-4200 to see how we can help you recover damages for injuries sustained through the fault of a medical professional or facility.

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Examples of these cases are the following:

Birth injury

Medical mistakes made by obstetricians and members of the hospital staff during labor and delivery can lead to injury or even death of a newborn baby. Our medical malpractice law firm has handled many types of birth injury matters. These cases, which often include permanent brain injury to a child, are extremely serious, resulting in the child needing constant medical care and attention. Some of the common birth injury cases a medical malpractice attorney in our firm handles include cerebral palsy, hypoxia and Erb’s palsy. These cases most commonly arise when the doctor fails to exercise a certain standard of care in delivering the child. His mistake can be in failing to monitor fetal strips, failing to notice signs of distress, failing to perform a timely and indicated C-Section or excessive use of forceps or vacuum.

Failure to diagnose cancer

Physician’s failure to detect a tumor or cancer misdiagnosis can be fatal for a patient. Failure to timely diagnose a condition, such as breast cancer, can lead to the treatment being ineffective, since it was caught too late. Receiving news that you have been misdiagnosed and it’s too late to receive any meaningful treatment will be shocking, especially if you’ve been getting yearly exams to detect cancer, such as mammograms and were always told that there were no tumors. Our medical malpractice law firm is committed to helping victims of doctors’ omissions seek justice that they deserve. Our medical malpractice attorney assigned to handle your case understands the pain and anxiety you are experiencing, your fears and concerns about the uncertain future and is proud to be able to offer his services to you.

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Surgical errors

Successful outcome of surgery cannot always be guaranteed. Certain complications, such as infections, may not result in a meritorious lawsuit against the surgeon. However, there are instances when the surgeon’s departure from “acceptable standards of practice” is so severe as to warrant a medical malpractice lawsuit. Such cases involve foreign objects (scalpels, sponges) left in the patient’s body, operating on the wrong part of the body or damaging bodily organs during unrelated surgery.

Wrong prescriptions

These cases involve a physician prescribing incorrect medication or dosage, or a pharmacist dispensing the wrong drug. These avoidable mistakes can lead to injuries to an innocent patient, who unknowingly takes the wrong medication. Another example of such a case can involve an emergency room physician failing to note patient’s allergies and dispensing a drug that is harmful to him. A medical malpractice attorney will thoroughly review your records to see if the wrong prescription may be at fault for your injuries.

Call us today at (516) 394-4200 to see how we can help you recover damages for injuries sustained through the fault of a doctor or hospital. If a medical professional has misdiagnosed you or caused injury due to neglect we can help you seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

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