Why Choose Duffy & Duffy

Why Choose Duffy & Duffy Over Other Law Firms

Choosing Duffy & Duffy over other law firms to handle your personal injury matter will help give you a peace of mind that your case is handled by experienced and dedicated lawyers, working hard to maximize recovery for their clients.

Which one of us hasn’t seen television commercials advertising legal services, all guaranteeing astronomical compensation for your injuries? However, if you pay close attention to the fine print on the bottom, you’ll find that many of those firms do not actively practice in New York. They advertise mostly to put together a class action lawsuit, typically for a defective drug, and then refer your case to a local attorney you’ve never met or heard of.

We have handled auto accidents, construction accidents, nursing home cases, birth injury lawsuits and cases involving premise liability. Call our Long Island office today at (516) 394-4200 to see if we can help you.

Unlike some other law firms, our personal injury cases are handled on a contingent retainer, meaning you pay nothing upfront, and we recover attorney’s fees only if your litigation is successful. We don’t bill by the hour for personal injury litigation, so you don’t need to worry about running up a large attorney’s bill before you see any recovery for your injuries. Each case we encounter is carefully screened and evidence scrutinized, to make sure that the claim is meritorious and may be successful at trial.

Our attorneys are not afraid to try a case. While there are firms that rarely take a case to the jury, preferring to settle matters, we believe that the insurance carrier for the defendant has to realize that we mean business, and are not afraid of a fight in court. This tough negotiation approach has helped us get better results for our clients. The insurance adjusters we deal with know that if they offer nuisance value on the case that’s worth much more, we will proceed to trial and not settle.

We believe in a personalized approach. Our attorney/client relationship may last several years, especially in complex litigation cases, such as medical malpractice. Getting to know our clients, making sure to return their phone calls and be available to meet with them to discuss their concerns and answer their questions are all things that are important to our lawyers. We have a professional staff of secretaries and paralegals to answer phone calls, send out letters and contact medical providers for records. These individuals will also be familiar with your case and be available to assist you throughout your lawsuit. However, should you feel the need to speak to an attorney; one will always be made available to you.

Therefore, when you compare us to other law firms the choice is clear. Give us a call today at (516) 394-4200 for a free no obligation consultation. We work hard for our clients.

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