A crane accident is a serious accident that occurs at a work site.  These accidents can be fatal, and they often affect many innocent workers at the site due to the size of the crane.  There are many human factors that can cause a crane accident, while other accidents can caused by physical defects in the crane.

Both causes can be attributed to negligence, and an injury due to negligence allows the victim to file a claim to compensate for their pain and suffering. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in an accident, contact the New York crane accident attorneys at Duffy & Duffy.

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How Crane Accidents Happen

There are many different types of cranes in worksites throughout the country.  Cranes are specifically tailored to meet the lifting needs that the job requires and can be custom-built and varying in size and shape.  Some of the typical types of cranes include overhead cranes, which are used in warehouses, mobile cranes, which include truck-mounted cranes, and fixed cranes, such as large tower cranes.  Every type of crane is susceptible to a crane accident if they are not operated and inspected properly.

A crane accident can be caused by many different factors.  Accidents occur when cranes or parts of cranes collapse, injuring both the crane operators and any other workers who are on the ground level.  Cranes can also collapse or flip over in high winds.

Workers who are on the ground level of a work site are also at risk of being struck by the heavy objects that the crane is lifting.  In addition to physical failure of the cranes, the operators are also at risk of electrocution if the crane strikes overhead wires.  All of these accidents could be the result of negligence by the crane operator or the company who owns the crane.  When these injuries occur, contact our crane accident lawyers in New York.

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Common Crane Accident Injuries

Crane accidents are catastrophic accidents that often injure multiple individuals at the worksite. In addition to the risk to the crane operator, there are often many workers who are on the ground that can be severely injured if there is an accident. Some of the common injuries from cranes include crushing of body parts that are trapped under a heavy crane part or a load that has been negligently dropped.

This can result in amputation or serious internal injuries, and can be fatal to the trapped individual depending on the weight of the load and whether they can receive medical attention promptly.  A victim of a crane accident is also at risk of severe head trauma, which can cause a traumatic brain injury or death.  If a victim is killed in an accident, their family may have the right to bring a wrongful death claim on their behalf.

When You Should Contact a Crane Accident Injury Lawyer

If you were hurt on a work site due to another person’s negligence, you may have the right to file a lawsuit that will compensate you for your injuries. All employees and employers are responsible for behaving in a manner that does not unreasonably expose other individuals to injury or death.

If you were hurt in a crane accident, the personal injury attorneys at Duffy & Duffy can help you file your crane accident injury claim.

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