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Duffy & Duffy is comprised of nursing home negligence lawyers who have helped many individuals and families on Long Island pursue damages for falls and other accidents at assisted living facilities. We use our combined decades of legal experience to provide comprehensive representation for our clients, and we have dedicated our careers to protecting the rights of victims.

Our firm is respected in the local and legal community, thanks in part to a strong track record of obtaining favorable results for the people we represent. If you or a loved one has fallen at their assisted living community or nursing home contact the experienced New York nursing home abuse lawyers at Duffy & Duffy.

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Hold Nursing Homes Accountable for Wrongful Conduct

Nursing home accidents can happen in numerous ways, from a trip and fall on a damaged sidewalk or a stairway stumble caused by rickety handrails to an accident that occurs while receiving treatment from a facility doctor or other staff member. In these and other situations, a person who suffers an injury may have a claim for negligence against the entity as well as individual medical professionals.

To prevail in this case, the victim generally has to show that the person or entity being sued owed him or her a “duty of care,” that the defendant failed to meet this standard, and that the breach of the duty caused the harm and resulted in damages that can be compensated.

Nursing home operators, doctors, and other staff members are generally considered to owe residents a higher duty of care than other individuals who come into contact with one another in everyday life. Those who fail to live up to the standard expected among people in their profession are likely to be liable for negligence in the event that their behavior or inactions cause an injury in a fall or another accident. In addition, nursing homes are generally required to make residents and other visitors aware of any safety hazards on the property of which they know or should be aware.

Under either of these standards of care, a nursing home and the people who work there can be held liable for negligence in accidents that occur in a wide variety of circumstances. That includes failing to keep the facility in safe condition or to post appropriate warnings. It also may include neglecting to properly monitor a resident who has trouble walking or failing to take other precautions, like equipping beds with guardrails.

A person who successfully sues for negligence can seek various legal remedies, including compensatory and punitive damages. Compensatory damages are intended to make the victim whole for his or her injury, and they often include money for health care costs related to the accident, as well as pain and suffering. Punitive damages, on the other hand, are designed to punish a defendant for wrongdoing that is particularly malicious or egregious. They may be available in cases where the defendant acted purposely or with complete disregard for the victim’s safety.

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At Duffy & Duffy, we are proud of offering clients a comprehensive approach to legal representation. That means seeking alternatives to litigation when possible, standing ready to fight all the way through trial when necessary, and keeping you informed of your rights and options every step of the way. Since 2006, we have successfully settled more than 450 nursing home negligence and other medical malpractice matters, including 150 multi-million dollar settlements.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a fall, due to overmedication or other accident at a Long Island nursing home, contact the injury lawyers at Duffy & Duffy. We are conveniently located in Uniondale and proudly serve clients in Nassau, Suffolk, and King Counties, as well as the Bronx and Queens.

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