Finding an Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer in New York

Medical malpractice cases can be extremely expensive, time consuming, and demanding for all parties involved. The key to your success in such cases may be dependent on your ability to choose effective Long Island medical malpractice attorneys. In order to choose the right attorney, there are some very important questions to consider to help you evaluate your options. Prepare your list of questions prior to your meeting with the attorney to save time and allow you an opportunity to fully determine whether your best interests will be represented by the attorney. If you’ve been injured due to a doctor’s negligence in treating colon cancer, breast cancer, a stroke or a heart attack contact our Long Island law firm today.

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What is the Attorney’s Professional Background?

This question gets to the professional education, training and affiliations of your attorney. Important sub questions include their education background, time of practice, and connections to any important groups or networks that might enhance their understanding and treatment of malpractice suits. It is important to know whether this firm and malpractice lawyer regularly handles malpractice cases and how many of those clients are assisted on a yearly basis. Since many malpractice attorneys only receive compensation on cases they win, a sufficient number of cases demonstrates that the attorney and firm is skilled at evaluating and winning cases and that they are familiar with the process and unique aspects of malpractice law. It is also important to find out whether the attorney has already represented cases similar to yours in any way. Experience is an excellent way to determine if this attorney will represent your case well.

What is the Attorney’s Assessment of Your Case?

After you’ve shared your information about your specific case with the malpractice lawyer, what was their reaction? Did the attorney feel you had a valid case? If the attorney does not feel vehemently about your ability to win a malpractice claim, it’s unlikely they will bring any more energy or vigor to your case. Pay attention to discussions of settlement discussions, too. It is possible the attorney might think you have a viable case, but the case could only return a small offer, which might not be worth your time and energy fighting. Our medical malpractice lawyers are skilled at assessing whether a case is likely to settle out of court or go to trial, so consider this in your decision as well.

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Does the Attorney Understand Your Situation Enough to Prove Medical Malpractice?

When you are looking to hire a medical malpractice law firm you will typically consult with one of their attorneys. During the conversation it is important to notice if the attorney is listening to what you are saying and to see if they understand your specific situation. Most cases have a large number of details that can change the outcome of the case, you want to make sure the attorney is asking enough questions to get a clear understanding of your case. Surgical errors and misdiagnosis can cause life-long consequences, it’s important to ask questions to hire the right firm.

Choosing Duffy & Duffy

Malpractice cases are often drawn out and difficult, so asking the right questions when choosing your malpractice attorneys can make all the difference. Our attorneys will listen to you, assess your situation and give you their honest opinion. We’d rather work to enlighten and educate you, not simply sign you on as a client. We are particular about who we help, and want to make sure that every client has a reasonable chance. Contact our attorneys today to see if we can help you.

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