Getting into a car accident is an unpleasant experience. Not only an automobile accident can damage your car, but it can also lead to personal injuries. Hence, you must know what you have to do right after a car accident to protect your health, make up for lost earnings, and fix your vehicle.

If the accident was not your fault, you could file a claim against the at-fault driver to receive compensation, even if the other party is ten percent responsible for the accident.

Hiring an automobile accident attorney as soon as possible is the best way to file a claim and secure your interests. Here are a few things to consider for filing a claim after a car accident in Long Island.

Contact the Police

Never leave the scene before contacting the police and reporting the accident. A police officer must investigate and document the crash to collect valuable information such as traffic, weather conditions, and even preliminary fault assumptions. Since you can quickly lose this information, a police officer will prepare a helpful document containing essential facts and figures. Your personal injury attorney will rely on this report for building your case.

Get to a Safe Place

You don’t have to stick around the scene so move to the roadside for safety. If your car is still working, don’t leave it in the middle of the road or get some help to move it aside.

Go to ER

Even if you think you are not hurt in the accident, visiting your local hospital’s emergency room is essential. Long Island boasts many of New York’s best hospitals. You may have an injury that is not noticeable right away, such as an internal injury, a whiplash, or a concussion. A professional doctor can rule out any of these injuries when you visit the nearest emergency room after an accident.

The doctor will also prepare a medical record to support your claim when you are filing to receive compensation.

Don’t Admit to any Fault

Whatever you say to the police officer or your doctor can go against your claim. Don’t admit to anything, and let your personal injury attorney handle all the communication and negotiation. If you admit to any faults, you give the upper hand to insurance companies.

Don’t Talk to Insurance Companies

Insurance companies will contact you soon after the accident to make a settlement offer. Regardless of how tempting that offer is, never accept any cash or compensation to cover your accident-related costs. In most cases, the settlement is a lowball that doesn’t even come close to the amount you deserve or need to cover all accident-related expenses. Inform insurers that you are unwilling to accept any offers, and only your personal injury attorney will negotiate any details.

Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer after Your Car Accident in Long Island?

Hiring a personal injury attorney in Long Island will give you time to focus on recovery while putting you in the best position to receive the best compensation you deserve and need.

There are several factors to consider before filing a personal injury claim after your car accident. One of the most significant factors in a car accident claim is negligence. You must prove the other party or driver was negligent. Proving your case can be complicated because you may be dealing with injuries and the emotional trauma of being in an accident. In addition to that, you must file a car insurance claim within a fixed period. Each state’s government decides this time, which can last from ten days to ten years. If you live in Long Island, you must report the accident within ten days, under the rules and regulations of New York.

An unexpected automobile accident can have immediate and long-lasting consequences. Luckily, you have the right to file a lawsuit or a claim to seek compensation for your injuries. But while you are entitled to receive compensation for vehicle damage, lost earnings, medical treatment, and therapy, you don’t want to bear the added stress of fighting a complicated legal case.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for your Car Accident

Here are a few of the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney or a car accident attorney to file a strong claim.

  • Your insurance company may blame you for the accident or injuries from the accident. A professionally trained legal attorney will use his experience and training to reduce your role in the car crash to increase your chances of receiving decent compensation.
  • Insurance companies will do their best to refuse or turn down the value of your claim. When you have an experienced attorney on your side, you have more chances of filing a claim that gets you a fair settlement.
  • If the accident involves multiple individuals, a car accident or personal injury attorney investigates and seeks money from the at-fault parties.
  • An average individual can’t determine the damages’ accurate value and usually lets the insurer decide the compensation. That’s why teaming up with a professional attorney, or law firm will negotiate with the insurance or represent your case in the courtroom, so you get what you deserve.
  • Most auto accidents involve two vehicles. However, various other types of accidents may include motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycle riders, and motorcyclists. Accident victims may find these types of scenarios quite complicated. Only qualified car accident attorneys can handle these claims.

Hire a Professional Car Accident Attorney or Personal Injury Attorney in Long Island

Long Island is home to more than seven million people. Locals and tourists are aware of the city’s busy roads and highways, leading to frequent car accidents. If you find yourself or any of your loved ones in such a situation, hiring a personal injury or car accident attorney is the best way to file an effective claim. Get in touch with us if you want to know more about how to file a claim after a car accident. We will be happy to provide answers to all your queries.