Types of Cases Handled by an Accident Lawyer at Duffy & Duffy

If you have been injured in an accident, you need to hire an accident lawyer to protect your legal rights. At Duffy & Duffy we have been helping accident victims regain control of their life by getting the compensation they deserve.

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While our experienced attorneys handle a wide range of cases, the following are common types of cases an accident lawyer on our team would routinely see:

  • Car Accidents:  Accidents arising out of the use and operation of a motor vehicle are handled by a car accident lawyer. These include collisions between two or more vehicles, bicyclist struck by a car, pedestrian knockdown, hit and run matters and many more. The insurance company for the offending vehicle will provide no-fault coverage for pedestrians or bicyclists struck by their insured’s vehicle, and our auto accident lawyers can also help drivers collect property damage for their vehicle.
  • Bus Accidents:  We also represent plaintiffs who were injured due to the negligent, careless and reckless operation of a private or public bus. Whether a bus strikes another car, makes too wide of a turn or stops suddenly or takes any other action, causing passengers to fall to the floor, you may be entitled to recovery. These cases require notice to the driver of the bus that the accident took place. If you have been hurt, do not simply exit the bus and hope for the best. At the very least, you need to get witness information from other bus passengers and fill out an incident report with the bus driver, or supervisor.
  • Sidewalk Accident:  Sidewalks are supposed to be kept in a state of repair by either the private owner or a municipality. However, incidents arise due to broken and uneven sidewalks, causing serious injuries to the victim. According to a study, slips, trips and falls cause 15% of all accident deaths, trailing behind only motor vehicle accidents. Slip and fall accidents caused by snow and ice that was not timely and properly removed, account for 17,000 deaths in the United States annually. We at Duffy & Duffy are highly experienced in the area of trip and fall/slip and fall litigation and an accident lawyer in our office will work closely with you, to make sure the responsible party is held accountable for your pain and suffering.
  • Construction Accidents:  Scaffolding accidents, faulty machinery at a factory line, collapsed tunnels and demolition accidents occurring on a construction site can also be handled by an accident lawyer. This area is closely tied with Workers Compensation litigation in which an attorney often works with victims of construction accidents to get them disability payments, lost wages and medical/hospital benefits.
  • Medical Malpractice:  Our attorneys also handle cases where the hospital or medical staff’s negligence causes injury to the patient. Examples of medical malpractice include birth injuries to the baby due to physician’s failure to timely perform a c-sections, surgical errors, mistakes made during administering of anesthesia and prescribed medication mix up causing injuries to a patient. Claims must be filed in a timely manner to preserve your rights; do not delay or you may lose your right to bring your claim.

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