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At Duffy & Duffy, our premises liability attorneys assist injured residents of Long Island and other regions of New York. Whether it happens on the job, at a store or other place of business, or inside a private residence, a person or entity that owns the property on which an accident occurs may be legally responsible for the harm that results. Our lawyers are experienced professionals who understand this area of the law and have helped a number of clients seek remedies for their injuries.

What are the common causes and types of injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents?

Thousands of slip and fall accidents occur every year in the United States. An almost invisible crack, a thin sheet of ice, or a small amount of soapy water on a floor can cause a devastating event that leaves a victim in a wheelchair, with a broken bone or with a permanent medical condition. Determining fault in these cases is a complicated matter that requires a firm understanding of the law and a solid record of evidence detailing how the accident occurred and what injuries resulted.

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Proving a Claim Against a Negligent Property Owner

Most slip and fall cases in New York involve a claim based on premises liability, which is a legal theory under which a property owner may be held responsible for an accident that occurs in an area under its control. Generally, a property owner is required to fix or address any unsafe conditions on its premises of which it knows or should know. When a spill happens in a grocery store aisle, for instance, the store is usually expected to either clean it up promptly or block off the area and warn visitors about the slick surface. If the owner fails to do so, it may be liable for any slip and fall or other accidents that occur.

Comparative Negligence System in New York

Under New York’s comparative negligence system, both the property owner and a person injured in a slip and fall may be found partly responsible for the accident. The property owner has a responsibility to keep the area safe for people who are lawfully there, but each person has a duty to watch where he or she is going, and to be alert in the understanding that sometimes things may fall or spill unexpectedly.

In the aisle spill scenario, for example, the owner might not respond quickly enough to the spill, and an intoxicated or distracted person could slip and fall without looking where he or she was going. In that case, a judge or jury may find that both the store owner and the injured person shared some of the blame for the accident. When this happens, however, the victim still can recover damages for his or her harm in proportion to the property owner’s fault. These damages can consist of pain and suffering, lost income, and any medical bills that were incurred because of the accident.

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