New York Brain Injury Lawyers Representing those with Serious Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBI, are the result of a serious head trauma that occurs in an accident.  There are many different types of brain injuries, but each injury affects the victim in a different way due to the nature of the accident and the area of the brain that is affected.

These injuries can be difficult to diagnose, as they all present unique symptoms for each victim.  If you suffered head trauma in any kind of accident, you should speak with our New York brain injury lawyers as soon as possible to determine whether you may be able to file a claim.

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Types of Brain Injuries

There are two major types of brain injuries.  The first type is a penetrating injury, which occurs when an object pierces the skull and damages the brain tissue.  The second type is a closed head injury, where the brain is injured by blunt force to the head without penetration of the skull.

One major type of closed head injury is an acceleration-deceleration injury.  These injures are caused by high speed traumatic accidents, where the head is moved rapidly back and forth, causing the brain to strike the inside walls of the skull.  Whether a penetrating or closed head injury, both are extremely dangerous and cause life-altering injuries.

A brain injury affects every victim differently, which makes these injuries difficult to diagnose and treat.  Depending on the type of injury, severity of the injury, and location of the brain affected, the symptoms can vary widely from one victim to the next.  Some symptoms include loss of consciousness, headaches, dizziness, and blurred vision.

However, the permanent effects of head injuries include loss of cognitive function, sensory deficiencies, loss of coordination and motor skills, short and long term memory loss, and significant permanent changes in personality.  The care for an individual with head trauma is extensive, and can include surgery to relieve swelling, drug therapy, and physical and occupational therapies.  In some severe head injury cases, the victim never regains consciousness or suffers permanent brain damage.  The experienced brain injury lawyers in New York at Duffy & Duffy are ready to help you.

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Accidents and Injuries Requiring New York Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

Many different types of accidents can cause brain injury.  Some of the common causes include car accidents, particularly rollover accidents and head-on collisions.  Car accidents are extremely dangerous to the head due to severe acceleration-deceleration risks as well as injuries from impact.

Accidents involving a pedestrian or bicyclist and a vehicle have a high rate of head injuries due to the risk of direct impact with a vehicle or a hard ground surface.  Fall accidents can also cause serious head trauma, whether they are a fall from a high elevation in a work accident or a slip and fall accident where the victim’s head strikes a hard surface.  All can lead to brain injury.

New York Brain Injury Lawyers to Help Traumatic Brain Injury Victims

If you or one of your loved ones experienced a head injury, you should speak with our experienced New York brain injury lawyers about filing a personal injury claim.  Head trauma is a serious personal injury that can be life-altering and fatal.

The experienced accident attorneys at Duffy & Duffy can assist you with making important legal decisions about an accident claim.  Please call Duffy & Duffy today if you have any questions about brain injury lawsuits.

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