Quadriplegia is oftentimes the result of a terrible injury. If you’ve been in an accident and need the legal assistance of a Quadriplegia Injury Lawyer our lawyers are available to help you get the assistance you deserve. Suffering from quadriplegic wounds doesn’t have to make your life any more hard.

Consulting with an injury lawyer can help you in more ways than you’ve imagined. Your quadriplegic problems can always be eased with our help.

Quadriplegia, also known as tetraplegia, is the paralysis of both the arms and legs.  This condition is often caused by a spinal cord injury that cuts off motor skills and sensation in the limbs and the torso. 

Victims of quadriplegia require extensive medical treatment and constant care, as well as occupational therapy and daily assistance and possible admittance to a nursing home.  If you or someone you love suffered paralysis from an accident rendering you quadriplegic, you may be able to file a personal injury claim to a lawyer and compensate for your serious and life-altering injuries.

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What is Quadriplegia?

Quadriplegia is a loss of motor function and sensation in all four limbs.  Unlike paraplegia, it includes paralysis of the torso and arms.  Paralyzed individuals such as quadriplegics require extensive medical care to help them adjust to their disability. 

Quadriplegia and quadriplegia injury is caused by either brain damage or a traumatic injury to the spinal cord, particularly the higher sections of the spinal cord.  These quadriplegic injuries can be sustained in a traumatic accident or because of a serious illness, such as polio or multiple sclerosis.

There are varying types of quadriplegic paralysis, that range from complete loss of sensation and motor function to varying degrees of partial paralysis.  For example, some victims are able to move their arms, but have lost all function in their hands and fingers. 

Due to the different locations of the injury within the brain or spinal column, each quadriplegia injury victim’s symptoms can be different and can require different types of medical treatment.  Most victims of quadriplegic and paralyzing injuries need to be outfitted with assistive devices such as wheelchairs. 

They must often re-learn how to care for themselves, if they are able.  If not, they may require constant quadriplegic assistance and care.  This injury can be devastating to the victim and their family, and they deserve compensation with the help of an injury lawyer if their quadriplegia was caused by another person’s negligence.

Common Accidental Causes of Quadriplegia

Quadriplegia is often caused by a traumatic accident.  One of the most common causes is a catastrophic car accident.  In a car accident, the body can be thrown violently from the vehicle or within the vehicle. 

Some accidents cause blunt force trauma to the head and neck area, which can cause paralysis on impact.  But most times, the paralysis is caused by the violent movement of the body in a vehicle that is struck from behind, hit head-on, or involved in a rollover crash. 

If the vehicle is moving at a certain speed and in a certain direction, the weight of one’s own body is enough to cause serious spinal cord trauma and leave those in the vehicle as quadriplegics.

Paralysis and quadriplegia injury is also often caused by fall accidents, particularly falls from heights, where workers have high probability of injuring their head, neck, and back on impact reinforcing the need for a quadriplegia lawyer

Another serious risk to workers is the risk of a falling object, which can strike them in the head or neck area, causing head injuries, quadriplegic injury, or paralysis.

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Attorneys for Accident Victims Can Help

If you were paralyzed or rendered quadriplegic in a traumatic accident, you should speak with an attorney or injury lawyer about your rights to file a claim.  Your spinal injury is life-altering and very serious, and an attorney or injury lawyer with Duffy & Duffy can help you make decisions about whether you would like to file a lawsuit to compensate for your quadriplegia.

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