It is terrifying and painful to get into a car accident, even if you do not suffer any serious injuries. Unfortunately, aside from the physical pain and mental anguish you feel after an accident, you may suffer additional harm to your bank account, often in ways you may not have expected. Here are just a few ways that car accidents can wind up costing you more than you realize:

  1. Lost work due to doctor’s appointments or rehab
    • Even if you have not suffered any immediately apparent injuries due to being in a car accident, you will likely still need to take time off to have a medical examination to ensure there are no hidden issues. If you have been injured, you may need to take time off from work just to go to the doctor, or to get rehabilitation to restore functionality to injured limbs. This can cost you in terms of lost wages, lost sick or vacation days, or other problems as a result of needing to take time off work.
  2. Loss of primary mode of transportation
    • For most people, a car is an essential part of their daily living. They use it to get to work, to go out shopping, to drive their kids to school, and as part of every other aspect of their lives. A car accident can deprive you of your vehicle. That means finding alternative transportation so you can get to work and accomplish your errands, which can be time-consuming and expensive.
  3. Potentially needing to go on disability
    • It’s one thing to lose sick or vacation days, or to have difficulty with an injury after an accident. It is another thing entirely to find yourself completely unable to work after a car accident, due to the severity of the injuries you have sustained. This may require you to apply for disability benefits, which may be for the short term, or which may potentially be permanent. This is not only costly to you, but also to your family, because you can no longer provide for them as you did before you were injured.
  4. Costs of treating long-term effects of injuries
    • Even if you are not disabled due to your injuries and can still work, that does not mean you will not be dealing with the medical consequences of your car accident long afterwards. Many people who get into car accidents find themselves suffering from chronic pain or numbness due to nerve damage, for example, while others may suffer from difficulties arising from a head trauma. There are also psychological ramifications that may arise due to the trauma of the event, which can result in months or years of therapy or medication to treat. That’s why you need to discuss this with a long island car accident attorney.
  5. Loss of enjoyment of life
    • While it may not be as obvious, a car accident can have serious ramifications on your ability to simply enjoy basic aspects of life. For example, many people who get into car accidents often suffer from phobias related to the accident, and may have difficulty simply getting into a car afterwards. The injuries caused by an accident can prevent you from playing with your children, participating in activities with friends, or keep you from being intimate with your spouse. While these harms may be more abstract than direct financial harm, their cost to your personal life may be incalculable.