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Every day, our Long Island medical malpractice attorneys see the consequences of medical mistakes. These occurrences are more prevalent than you may realize. According to the Institute of Medicine, between 44,000 to 98,000 people die annually because of a preventable medical mistake. Advancements in medicine over the last 50 years have been nothing short of miraculous. However, a potential downside of this is that there is more opportunity for medical error.

Complicated surgeries, new medicines being released almost daily, and under-funded hospitals all open a door for potential mistakes by medical personnel. These mistakes cause tragedy and death. Our malpractice lawyers handle cases such as these daily, and understand the pain you are going through. If you have been a victim of what you suspect was medical negligence, the Long Island medical malpractice attorneys from Duffy & Duffy are here to help.

Long Island Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Medical malpractice lawyers help people who are injured by doctors and other medical practitioners’ negligent acts. More specifically, the American Bar Association defines medical malpractice as “negligence committed by a professional health-care provider—a doctor, a nurse, a dentist, a technician, a hospital, or a nursing facility—whose performance of duties departs from a standard of practice of those with similar training and experience, resulting in harm to a patient.” The professional Long Island medical malpractice lawyers of Duffy and Duffy are well equipped to help you evaluate and, if feasible, pursue your medical malpractice case in Long Island, Nassau County and New York State.

Most medical malpractice cases in Long Island are against medical doctors who fail to use “reasonable care,” meaning that they fail to follow the standard protocols for their medical specialty. Although the media likes to decry medical malpractice lawyers as damaging the medical community with mega jury awards, these are rare and are only awarded against negligent doctors who cause extreme harm. Oftentimes, these awards are reduced by the trial judge or appellate court. The reality is that judgments are awarded to make clients whole after they suffer harm (damages) by negligent medical practitioners.

What Does Medical Malpractice Really Mean?

Medical malpractice could be the outcome of reckless medically-related treatments, approaches and other acts committed by physicians, medical workers and medical facilities. There are several ways in which a doctor can be irresponsible in managing a patient; two examples include negligent diagnosis that ends in the application of inappropriate health-related courses of treatment, or incorrect medications. The Physician Insurers Association has found that a majority of occurrences of medical malpractice are due to missed diagnosis, erroneous diagnosis or what is known as failure to diagnose. The individual’s obtainable treatment could be significantly affected stemming from the physician’s failure to diagnose the condition. Even more pain, further trauma or loss of life can result out of this.

Error in prognosis is yet another related cause of action for healthcare misconduct. Both the failure to diagnose together with errors in prognosis collectively are the reason for more than 40% of all healthcare malpractice lawsuits.

Improperly executed procedures are another well-known issue for medically related negligence. This is a result of a surgical procedure undertaken on a patient resulting in damage and/or trauma.

The harm or complications can either be known during the surgical course of action or appear only during the person’s recovery. Furthermore, the medical malpractice attorneys on Long Island at Duffy & Duffy frequently discover cases involving failure of the doctor to execute a healthcare procedure. The postponement in cases like this could come about in potentially deadly circumstances, hence emphasizing the gravity of the issue.

Common New York Medical Malpractice Issues Seen by Long Island Medical Malpractice Attorneys

According to the Physician Insurers Association of America, failure to diagnose is the most common complaint in medical malpractice actions. Failure to diagnose is a serious medical matter, as it can cause significant delays in a patient’s treatment. This can lead to additional suffering, further injuries or death.

A somewhat related claim brought to our Long Island medical malpractice attorneys is error in diagnosis. Both the failure to diagnose as well as errors in diagnosis together account for over 40% of all medical malpractice cases.

Another common medical malpractice allegation arises from an incorrectly performed procedure. This means that all or part of a medical procedure undergone by a patient caused injury or damage. This damage can be immediately evident at the time of the surgery, or not appear until later in the patient’s recovery.

Additionally, the Long Island medical malpractice attorneys at Duffy & Duffy often come across claims regarding failure of the physician to perform a medical procedure. This too is a serious issue, as this failure to perform a procedure can create potential life-threatening situations.

Questions for the Long Island Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Duffy & Duffy

You can receive financial compensation for injuries caused by a negligent doctor. If you have suffered as a result of their fault, those responsible are legally obligated to compensate you for out of pocket expenses such as medical bills, loss of earnings and potentially other damages, such as the pain and suffering inflicted upon you. Here are examples of just a few of the types of medical malpractice cases we see at Duffy & Duffy:

Over the last decade, the attorneys at Duffy & Duffy have recovered more than $400 million for our clients. While our prior successes do not guarantee future results, Duffy & Duffy has the experience to represent you professionally and compassionately.

What is Medical Malpractice under New York Law?

Medical malpractice results from negligent acts by doctors, medical staff and hospitals. This negligence can occur in many ways, including misdiagnosis, surgical error, birth injuries, errors in prescribing medications, and many more.

What is New York’s Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations?

In New York, there is a time deadline for filing a medical malpractice claim. The deadline to file a medical malpractice claim is generally two and one half years, but this can vary based on the type of action, the continuous treatment doctrine, injuries that could not be discovered, the age of the victim (being a minor) or other tolling exception. In some cases, the window can be even smaller. These deadlines are firm; if the deadline passes, you lose your right to file a claim and our medical malpractice lawyers cannot pursue a claim on your behalf. In order to protect your rights, it is important to take action today.

How Do I File a Lawsuit with Experienced Long Island Medical Malpractice Lawyers?

Our New York medical malpractice attorneys are highly experienced in being able to recognize legal issues and determine if there is an actionable case. Numerous laws exist that protect doctors from legal action from trivial errors that do not cause harm. However, when a situation has gone terribly wrong, and you or a loved one suffers serious injury or death, there may be a medical malpractice action present. For this reason, it is critical you speak with a Long Island medical malpractice attorney who specifically practices medical malpractice, who will be able to use his legal judgment and experience to determine if you have a case, and how best to proceed.

Can a Long Island Medical Malpractice Lawyer File a Court Action on Your Behalf?

The abilities along with knowledge of the Long Island medical malpractice lawyers are broad, with a keen attention as to the identification of legal issues and the presence of an actionable case. Various laws can be found which protect doctors from lawsuits as a result of small mistakes that do not cause harm. Nevertheless, if a situation has gone terribly awry and you or a loved one undergoes extreme injury or loss of life, there can be a medical negligence action available. It is for that reason that it is critical you discuss this with a lawyer with particular knowledge of medical malpractice to assess using his legal knowledge and experience the existence of an actionable cause of action and the ideal way to proceed with this action.

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