Parking lot fall injuries can cause serious injuries to the victim.  The law requires that all property owners maintain their land and structures in a way that does not unreasonably cause injury to patrons.

If you suffered an injury because you fell in a parking lot, you should speak with an attorney about filing a lawsuit to compensate for your injuries.  Parking lot falls can be serious accidents that leave the victim with permanent injuries and medical conditions.

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Parking Lot Injuries Caused By Negligent Property Owners

Parking lot injuries lawsuits are covered by a specific area of personal injury law called premises liability law.  Premises liability claims are designed to compensate injured people who are hurt when a property owner is negligent in the inspection and maintenance of the property.

Parking lot falls can be caused by any number of defective conditions in the land.  Some of the common causes include defective or broken stairs and steps, untreated ice patches, uneven walking surfaces, missing or broken railings, and dangerous potholes in asphalt.

If the owner of the lot was aware of the dangerous condition and failed to remedy the situation, they were likely negligent in the maintenance of their property.  Likewise, if they did not know about the condition but they should have known, and should have made a reasonable inspection, then they could also be found negligent.

Common Injuries From A Parking Lot Fall

Although parking lot falls do not seem like they would be a very dangerous accident, they actually cause severe injuries to victims and sometimes cause life-threatening injuries.  Many fall victims suffer traumatic injury to their hands, wrists, knees, and hips, which are the parts of the body that are most likely to impact the pavement during a fall.

Traumatic injuries include broken bones, contusions, and scrapes.  Many of these injuries can be serious injuries that require immediate medical attention and continued monitoring.  In some severe cases, a fall victim can experience head trauma.

Head trauma can cause a concussion or traumatic brain injury.  Victims of falls in parking lots or other paved areas are especially susceptible to traumatic injuries because of the hard surface they land on.

A victim falling, suffering parking lot injuries, can also experience soft tissue injury.  Soft tissue injury occurs when the muscles and tendons in the body are stretched and injured when the body is contorted.

Any fall victim knows that even the slightest fall can cause serious muscle injury that may not be immediately apparent when the accident occurs.  Some common soft tissue injuries suffered in parking lot injuries, include injuries to the back, neck, shoulder, wrist, and knee.

Knee and shoulder injuries such as dislocations, ACL injuries, and rotator cuff tears often require surgical intervention to repair the damaged tissue.

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An Attorney Can Help You File a Claim for Parking Lot Injury

Parking lot injuries can be difficult to diagnose, and insurance companies for property owners often try to minimize the settlement they award to the plaintiff by claiming that the injuries did not affect the victim’s life in any way.

If you were hurt in a parking lot fall, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Duffy & Duffy understand how to argue on your behalf to make sure you get a reasonable settlement for your pain and suffering.

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