Over twenty million children ride the bus to school each day, and they are all at risk of suffering serious school bus injuries if their bus is in an accident.  Bus drivers are entrusted with the responsibility of transporting a person’s most precious cargo: their children.

Unfortunately, sometimes bus drivers are involved in an accident.  Whether the accident is caused by the bus driver or another negligent motorist, a parent should still look into filing a personal injury claim on their minor child’s behalf.  School bus injuries can be devastating to a child’s health and development, and no family should have to bear that burden alone.

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Common Causes of School Bus Injuries

School bus injuries can be caused by many different types of accidents.  In a school bus, children are usually not restrained with seatbelts.  They also can often have books, backpacks, sporting equipment, or toys on the bus that will also be unrestrained.

This causes a risk of both the children and the objects being thrown in the event of an accident.  An incident as inconsequential as slamming on the brakes can throw children against bus seats or down the middle aisle of the bus.

In more serious accidents, the children can also be struck by moving objects in the interior of the bus.  In catastrophic bus accidents, the bus can roll over, causing serious school bus injuries and even fatal injuries to the passengers.  In a rollover or other catastrophic accident, children can be thrown from the bus and can suffer serious injuries when they strike the pavement or ground.

While the safety of one’s children while riding the bus is the main concern, parents should not overlook the dangers that can occur when the child is entering or exiting the bus.

Many children have been caught in door mechanisms of the bus and injured or killed if the bus driver does not know the child is trapped.  School bus injuries can also occur when a bus strikes another vehicle or a pedestrian.  The injuries to the children are serious, but a bus can also kill or severely injure motorists in other vehicles.

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Types of Injuries Resulting from Riding the Bus

Children who suffer school bus injuries can have debilitating symptoms that last for long periods of time.  Children need to run and play, so a neck or back injury can cause a diminished quality of life for a child while they are recovering from their injuries.

Children are also at risk of sustaining serious contusions, lacerations, and broken bones if their bodies are thrown against bus seats or if they are struck by a moving object in the bus.  Due to the small size and continuing development of children, these injuries can have a severe and permanent affect on their growth and their long-term health.

Attorneys for School Bus Injuries Lawsuits

If your child was hurt in a bus accident, you should speak with an attorney about filing a claim on their behalf.  When you file a lawsuit for personal injury against a town or city school district in the state of New York, your window to file a claim is limited by a statute of limitations.

An attorney with Duffy & Duffy can advise you as to the viability of your claim and will help ensure that your child is compensated for his or her school bus injuries.

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