What Types of Cases Do the Personal Injury Attorneys at Duffy & Duffy Handle?

The legal profession has many specialties that attorneys practice. There are real estate attorneys to assist a client with a closing, or one may hire a landlord/tenant attorney to get help with drafting a lease. However, if you have been injured through the negligence of another, you will need to consult with personal injury attorneys who specialize in these types of cases. Many of us assume that a personal injury attorney handles strictly accident cases, but the field of personal injury practice encompasses many areas, which will be discussed below.

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  • Recklessness, Negligence & Carelessness of Others
    If you sustained injury due to the reckless, negligent or careless act of another, you may have a personal injury claim. Personal injury may be of a physical nature, such as a fractured knee, or psychological, such as anxiety and depression. These injuries may be the result of a doctor’s malpractice, automobile accident, nursing home negligence or trip and fall on the sidewalk, just to name a few. Personal injury attorneys at Duffy & Duffy have successfully represented their clients in all types of personal injury litigation and will fight for you.
  • Automobile & Other Vehicular Accidents
    Automobile accidents resulting in personal injury to the victim include: accidents involving two or more vehicles colliding with each other, pedestrian being struck by a car, bicyclist being hit by a truck, a hit and run accident, accident involving one car where the driver of the car loses control of the vehicle and crashes it into a tree, causing injury to the passenger, accidents caused by drunk driving, and many others.
  • Slip and Fall
    Personal injury cases against municipalities often involve trip and fall on a broken sidewalk, or slip and fall on snow and ice. Accidents on the subway, such as a fall down the slippery subway stairs, or injuries on a public bus, which, traveling at a high rate of speed suddenly swerves to the side to make an unsafe lane change, are few other examples of cases that personal injury attorneys at Duffy & Duffy have handled.
  • Injuries in Buildings
    Many injuries are sustained in buildings, through the owner’s negligent maintenance of their premises. Such cases include: falls due to inadequate lighting on the stairwell or lack of a hand rail, debris on the floor which hasn’t been cleaned in a timely manner, collapsing ceiling cases and hidden obstructions which cause a victim to trip and fall.
  • Construction Accidents
    Our personal injury attorneys also handle construction accidents, where a worker is injured by a falling object or a broken ladder, nursing home negligence cases, which deal with abuse and mistreatment of the elderly patients and matters where a wrong drug was dispensed by a pharmacist, causing harm to the customer, add to the extensive field of personal injury litigation.

The personal injury attorneys at Duffy & Duffy are knowledgeable in all areas of personal injury claims. The pursuit of justice for their clients has always been the goal of Duffy & Duffy. Call them today at (516) 394-4200 for a free consultation.

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