What cases does an injury lawyer handle?

If you have been hurt because of a negligent, careless or reckless act of another, an injury lawyer at Duffy & Duffy can help you regain control of your life and assist in getting the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys will give you the personalized service and attention our personal injury clients have come to expect.

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Some types of cases that injury lawyers handle on a daily basis include:

  • Vehicular accidents
    Our firm represents clients injured in car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. Typical accidents take place when a negligent driver runs a red light, fails to yield or stop at the stop sign, falls asleep behind the wheel, makes an improper lane change, speeds through an intersection or drives while intoxicated. In cases involving trucks, people often get injured when a tractor trailer makes a turn at a greater rate of speed than prudent under the circumstances, or too wide of a turn, hitting another car. The injuries from these accidents may be sustained by the driver himself, his passenger, bicyclist or motorcyclist, as well as people in another vehicle.
  • Workers Compensation
    If you were injured at your job, you may be entitled to lost wages and medical benefits as a result. An injury lawyer can file all the necessary documentation on your behalf, to ensure that you will receive workers compensation and/or disability benefits. He will attend hearings and medical examinations with you, designed to determine the extent and seriousness of your injury, and assist in getting permanent disability, if needed. In many instances the attorney’s fees are awarded by the court, so there are no upfront fees to a client.
  • Nursing home negligence
    Elderly people are the most vulnerable segment of our society. The grim reality is that once a person ages, his physical and mental health decline, necessitating professional help to assist this person in getting around, or taking care of himself. Unfortunately, this is when elderly and sick clients often fall prey to abuse. The poorly trained and unskilled nursing home staff may fail to execute the doctor’s orders, forget to feed the patient, or help him or her get in and out of bed. These omissions lead to dehydration, malnutrition, falls out of bed, and exacerbation of prior injuries. Our injury law firm has helped many elderly clients regain the dignity and care they deserve.
  • Medical malpractice
    We trust doctors due to their extensive training and expertise, but they do make avoidable errors, which can lead to serious injuries for the patient. The types of cases handled by an injury lawyer, which involve negligence by the medical and hospital staff, are birth injuries, resulting in brain damage, dispensing of a wrong medication, wrongful death due to failure to timely and properly treat a medical condition, injuries due to a surgeon leaving an instrument inside the patient during an operation, and many others

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