Attorney Profiles

Throughout the years we’ve welcomed some of the state’s most outstanding trial attorneys to assemble a group of litigators prepared to handle the gamut of medical malpractice cases, including those that are extraordinarily complex.

Duffy & Duffy offers their services in Nassau County, Long Island and five boroughs of New York City and New York State. Our practice areas includes Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Cases.

James R. Duffy, Esq.
Senior Trial Partner
Picture of James R. Duffy Esq.

Michael E. Duffy
Managing Partner
Picture of Michael E. Duffy

Mary Ellen Duffy
Picture of Mary Ellen Duffy

James LiCalzi
Picture of James LiCalzi

Sean M. Duffy
Picture of Sean M. Duffy

James Wilkens
Of Counsel
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Mary D. Tierney Picture of Mary D. Tierney

Frank Torres Picture of Frank Torres

Mary Rita Wallace Picture of Mary Rita Wallace

Dorothy Renz Picture of Dorothy Renz

Damien Smith Picture of Damien Smith

Elyssa Shifren Picture of Damien Smith