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Clifford Argintar Partner

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Cliff Argintar is one of the most talented and respected trial lawyers in the State of New York.  He is a natural in the courtroom and has trial skills that cannot be taught.

By the age of 35, he has obtained several verdicts in excess of $1 Million dollars – in multiple areas of the law (medical malpractice, dental malpractice, and motor vehicle accidents).  Even more impressive is that Cliff has been victorious against some of the top medical malpractice defense attorneys in the state, many of whom have been practicing law since before he was born.

Some of Cliff’s notable verdicts are:

  • $3.6 Million Dollar verdict against a doctor for failing to timely diagnose prostate cancer, resulting in the premature death of a 55 year old man.
  • $3 Million Dollar Verdict against a dentist for failing to timely diagnose an infection, resulting in damage to a 45 year old woman’s temporomandibular joint (jaw joint)
  • $3 Million Dollar Verdict against New York City Transit Authority for causing a car accident which resulted in a man suffering lumbar herniations, and the need for a fusion surgery.
  • $2.5 Million Dollar Verdict against a surgeon for negligently performing a hernia surgery on a 68 year old woman resulting in death.
  • 1.5 Million Dollar Verdict – against a chiropractor for failing to send a man for an MRI resulting in a delay in diagnosis of cancer and a 10% loss of chance of survival.
  • $1.475 Million Dollar Verdict against an emergency room doctor for doing a negligent examination, leading to a delay in diagnosis of Cauda Equina Syndrome.
  • $1.406 Million Dollar Verdict – against a commercial vehicle – low-speed motor vehicle accident that caused a 30 year-old woman to suffer cervical spine injuries – which did not necessitate surgery
  • $1.05 Million Dollar Verdict against a plastic surgeon for failing to properly treat a post-operative infection following a breast augmentation surgery.
  • $1 Million Dollar Verdict – for 3 minutes of pain and suffering – against a nursing home for negligently giving an 82-year old man solid food, resulting in him choking to death.
  • $917,000 Verdict against a Truck Rental Company for negligently maintaining a lift gate, resulting in a man falling and injuring his left shoulder
  • $720,000 Verdict against a chiropractor for failing to timely refer a patient for an MRI, resulting in progression of a benign spinal tumor.
  • $700,000 Verdict against New York City Transit Authority for letting a bus passenger off in an unsafe location too far from the curb, resulting in a woman suffering a lis franc fracture of her foot.
  • $300,000 Verdict against a lawyer for legal malpractice for negligently settling a man’s case for 1/30th of its value.

Cliff has also settled many cases, often during trial when the defense realizes that they are outmatched.  He recently settled a medical malpractice case involving a delay in diagnosis of tongue cancer for $3.5 Million Dollars during the trial, right before closing arguments.  The defense lawyers refused to make a settlement offer before the trial began.

Cliff graduated from The American University Washington College of Law at the top of his class (cum laude) and immediately starting trying cases at a top medical malpractice law firm in New York City.  He won the first case that he tried and has continued to succeed on behalf of his clients ever since.

Duffy & Duffy is excited to announce that Cliff was recently named as a Partner at the firm.

Educational History:

University of Richmond –  Bachelor of Science, 2005

American University – Juris Doctorate, 2008 (cum laude)

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