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Types of Personal Injury Cases

Written May 7, 2018

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 30.8 million Americans are sent to the ER for unintentional injuries each year. Imagine you or someone you love is sent to the ER inadvertently, and now you need a lawyer. But what kind of lawyer do you need? Depending on the accident, you may find yourself in need of a personal injury lawyer. Listed below are examples of when a Personal Injury lawyer is needed.

Automobile Accidents – There are approximately 270 million vehicles on the road every day. Therefore accidents are bound to happen (according to Statista). In 2016, there was roughly 12 million automobile crashes reported. In the same year, 101,000 motorcycle injury crashes were reported.  Large trucks (tractor trailers) also contribute to the number of accidents on the road every year, nearly 100,000 trucking accidents were disclosed in 2016. If you sustain an injury or someone you love was killed, hiring a personal injury lawyer is what you need. So, whether you were at fault for the accident or a victim, you need to get what you deserve for your injuries and fight for your rights.

Construction Accidents – According to OSHA, one in ten construction workers are injured on the job site and approximately five thousand people are killed due to construction accidents each year. The most common accidents (which may lead to death) are 1. Falls; 2. Struck by an object; 3. Electrocutions; and 4. caught inbetween an object (i.e., being stuck between a machine in a factory). If you or someone you know works in construction and is injured on site, an attorney is needed to get you what you deserve.

Workman’s Comp – Even if you do not work in construction, you are susceptible to workplace injuries.  The most common workplace injury is overexertion in the workplace (i.e., strains, lifting, pulling, etc.) and slip and falls account for 1 million unplanned trips to the ER each year (National Floor Safety Institute). And surprisingly, the second most common profession to have workplace injuries in is the healthcare field which makes up approximately 3.4 million jobs per year (Statista). Finding an attorney to represent you in your time of need and to be able to get you what you need is very important.

Knowing what type of attorney is needed for your claim is half the battle of getting you what you need and ultimately what you deserve. The attorneys at Duffy and Duffy work tirelessly to get you compensated for your injuries. Make sure you hire an attorney who always puts you and your best interest first and at Duffy and Duffy that is our top priority.

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