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What Qualities Do You Want in Your Personal Injury Lawyer?

Written April 18, 2018

Being a car accident victim, having workplace injury or even a slip and fall can be frightening. You have been injured. But what do you exactly do next? This is the question that you are facing. You are unsure of what the next steps are but know you will need a lawyer. But what precisely are you looking for in a lawyer? There is an abundance of personal injury lawyers in the Long Island area, but you want the best attorney working on your side and for your rights. Below is a list of top 4 qualities that your attorney should exhibit so you feel confident they are on your side and will work hard for you.

  1. Professionalism – You need an attorney who is professional. Make sure the attorney is available to answer all your questions and does not make you feel like you are bothering them. You want your attorney to be available to you for meetings. You want your lawyer to tell you the truth and set realistic expectations. Also, an attorney that is well respected within his field by his peers due to his/her personalism is a quality your future lawyer should have.
  2. Experience – You want an attorney that has experience within the courtroom. A new attorney typically is over eager to fight but that is not always what is needed. A lawyer with personal injury experience is a must. Being able to fight for your rights and know what your rights are will give you an advantage within the courtroom.
  3. Record of Success – You want an attorney that has a record of success of winning personal injury cases. There are a lot of attorneys in the Long Island area, so finding a lawyer with a history of personal injury cases is important. Being able to look at the law firm’s success rate will give you confidence in the attorney you’re (Please note, this does not guarantee a successful win for your case.)
  4. No Fee Unless We Win – This is very important. An attorney who has a winning record and experience will not charge you a fee until they win. Duffy and Duffy offer a free, no obligation consultation to begin with and once you have hired an attorney at Duffy and Duffy “[they] understand that your fight will be our fight and fighting for the absolute best outcome is our priority.” Therefore, no fee unless they win your case. (Duffy and Duffy Law)

Once you hire a Personal Injury attorney you will want to have confidence that your attorney has your back, will fight to win your case, and get you what you deserve. All Duffy and Duffy Personal Injury attorneys have exhibited all these qualities. So, the next time you are looking for a PI attorney turn to Duffy and Duffy.

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