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Picking the Right Safety Features for Your Vehicle

Written May 29, 2018

It’s time for a new car. You browse the market for the best deal and the coolest car. Technology is always advancing in the car arena, especially safety technology. In this day and age where backup cameras are becoming the norm, technology is improving all around your vehicle, even allowing some cars to have a birds-eye view of their vehicle. Everyone is so excited to get a new car, but what do you truly need in your car to make it safe when matters? According to Edmunds, below are the top safety features every car should have.

  1. Forward Collision Warning – Pretend you are driving and do not see the car in front of you hit their brakes or someone suddenly stops short.Forward collision warning will alert you that someone has hit their brakes. Forward Collision Warning is an essential feature since the most common cause of accidents is distracted driving.
  2. Automatic Emergency Braking – Currently this is an option to add to your vehicle,but by the year 2022 this will become a standard feature.Automatic Braking shows how important of a safety feature this truly If your vehicle senses you are about to have a collision, it will automatically apply the brakes to avoid impact or reduce the impact you can have.
  3. Blind Spot Monitoring – This feature is slowly becoming a standard feature for many car makers. Blind Spot Monitoring will indicate someone is in your blind spot by lighting up your side mirrors depending on which side it detects a car. To do this, it scans the sides of the car and senses if another vehicle is next to you.
  4. Lane Departure Warning – Sometimes we are all on “autopilot”. Just going mindlessly; thinking about that important business meeting we are going to or if Mary grabbed her lunch or even just merely changing the radio station. Our minds wander and so do our cars, into other lanes. Lane departure warning will alert you sometimes by sound or vibration in the steering wheel that you have crossed into another lane. Since distracted driving is such a common cause of car accidents, this is a great feature to have in your new vehicle.
  5. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert – This is a feature that is used in conjunction with back up cameras (which is standard on most new vehicles) and is excellent for when you are backing out of a driveway or parking space. This feature uses sensors along the rear bumpers to detect if a vehicle or person is walking where you are about to reverse. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert is an essential feature if you have a car full of children or pack high with moving boxes that it makes it hard to see behind you.

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