At Duffy & Duffy, our lawyers handle a wide range of personal injury and medical malpractice matters, which include brain injury litigation. A brain injury lawyer with our firm is experienced in handling a variety of such cases, where brain injury can be caused in either traumatic or non-traumatic fashion. Here are some examples of the cases our brain injury lawyers work on:

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Cerebral Palsy and Hypoxia

These cases are grouped together because a majority of them take place during labor and delivery, as the result of some trauma to the infant, leading to him suffering from a brain injury. We all know that the birthing process is a difficult one and can also be unpredictable, but that’s where professionals, such as doctors come in. It is their job to monitor both the infant and the mother for any signs of distress and make sure that any problem that arises is timely and properly addressed. Failure to notice or respond to important issues such as decreased heart rate or umbilical cord pressure can cause the infant to suffer oxygen deprivation, which can lead to brain trauma. A brain injury lawyer at Duffy & Duffy will be able to review the pertinent hospital records surrounding the birth and in working closely with a neo-natal expert opinion on whether a brain injury lawsuit may be meritorious.

Automobile Accidents & Other Vehicular Accidents

Accidents resulting from negligent, careless and reckless operation of a vehicle remain the leading cause of traumatic brain injury cases in the United States. In cases of collision with a larger vehicle, such as a bus or a truck, or when the bicyclist is hit by a vehicle, head injuries are quite common. Failure to wear seat belts, protective head gear (such as helmets while riding a motorcycle) or being thrown through a windshield due to impact can all lead to serious brain damage. Our brain injury lawyers have represented victims of car accidents who suffered from mild to severe brain damage due to a vehicular accident and can attest that the pain and suffering is often long lasting. Call us today at (516) 394-4200 if you or your loved one has been hurt through a fault of another in a car collision.

Brain Injury from Sports

The third category of traumatic brain injury usually results from plaintiffs playing football, baseball or other contact sport. These cases may start off as a minor concussion, where a player is expected to continue playing while injured to help his team win and compete. Repeat exposure of the player to head injury from physical contact by opposing players may lead to severe damage, such as brain retardation and amnesia. A brain injury lawyer in our firm working closely with experts in the field of sports injury and medicine can help his clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Our brain injury attorneys also handle cases of non-traumatic brain injury, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, where the defendant is typically a landlord of a residential building who fails to properly maintain, inspect and repair faulty gas equipment, such as a heater. Tenant’s continuous exposure to carbon monoxide can result in lifelong brain damage, which cannot be cured. A brain injury lawyer representing a client who suffered as the result of the landlord’s negligence will demand all records of inspection and repair to help him prepare for the carbon monoxide poisoning lawsuit.

Whether you, a friend or family member has suffered a brain injury as the result of one of these causes or another, we can help. At Duffy & Duffy, our medical malpractice attorneys strive to have our clients properly compensated for their losses. Call us at (516) 394-4200 to see if we can help you.

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