Were You Injured During a Hip Replacement Surgery or Due to a Defective Hip Implant?

Duffy law firm can help you determine if you have a case for your hip replacement malpractice and if you’re entitled to compensation. A hip replacement surgery that goes wrong due to a defective hip implant can cause emotional and physical distress that lasts for years. Tons of medical malpractice could lead to a lawsuit that will help you recover some of your losses.

Hip replacement malpractice, pharmacy malpractice, and other malpractices can leave you scrambling for answers to your medical problems. This article will help you learn everything you need to know about hip replacement surgery errors in what you can do about them.

What is Hip Replacement Malpractice?

Hip replacement malpractice is a form of surgical malpractice that happens when something is wrong with your replacement hip implant. One of the most common problems people face when they experience a defective hip replacement is receiving the incorrect sizing. 

Receiving the incorrect size hip implant could affect how you walk for the rest of your life. Another troublesome factor about hip replacement malpractice is that it could cause nerve damage. 

Since there are so many medical expenses associated with hip replacement surgery, you have a case for a medical malpractice lawsuit if something goes wrong with your hip replacement surgery. 

What Happened with the Stryker Hip Implant Lawsuit?

In 2019, Stryker experienced almost 2000 lawsuits regarding their hip replacement implants from people who experienced surgical malpractice. This series of lawsuits cost the company almost $2 billion in settlements that they paid out to the victims of the situation.

The Stryker hip implant lawsuit is ongoing, and if you have experienced a hip replacement implant from the striker that’s caused you medical issues, it’s not too late to file. The main cause for these faulty hips and plants is the metal used on these parts, which causes people extreme pain throughout the day.

Multiple reports about Stryker’s Titanium Acetabular Shell hip implants indicate that they don’t work and worsen the ability to walk after people receive these hip replacement devices. Stryker is actively working out settlements with people who have experienced complications from these hip implants, and the company has since recalled these replacements. 

How Much is a Hip Replacement Worth?

If you don’t have medical insurance, a hip replacement surgery could cost you up to $45,000, which is a hefty price, especially if the surgery goes wrong. Even if you are insured, depending on your insurance coverage, it can still cost you thousands to have a hip replacement implant. 

The United States has expensive healthcare, and hip replacements or surgeries can cost you a lot. However, you can receive medical expenses if you experience medical malpractice during surgery.

Depending on your circumstances, you may also receive compensation for physical therapy or loss of employment resulting from your surgery. If your health insurance covered most of your surgery, you might only be entitled to what you pay out of pocket.

How Long Does the 90-Degree Rule Last After Hip Replacement?

The hip replacement 90-degree rule (precaution) states that you cannot bend your leg that attaches here hip beyond 90 degrees. If you ignore this rule, you could cause medical complications that could damage your hip implants. 

The 90-degree rule takes effect for 12 weeks after your hip replacement surgery. During this 12-week duration, you also should not bend over or cross your legs. 

Consult your doctor throughout your recovery to ensure things go as smoothly as possible post-surgery. However, if you follow all of the recovery guidelines after your surgery and experience complications, you could have a lawsuit.

 No one should experience financial and physical distress when trying to fix part of their body. A lawyer can’t take back your physical pain, but they can reduce your financial distress from medical expenses. 

Hip Replacement Lawsuit Causes

Hip replacement lawsuits happen when medical malpractice occurs with your hip implants that cause damage. Hip replacement lawsuits don’t apply to people who damage their hips intentionally or purposely ignore medical advice. 

If you want to pursue a hip replacement lawsuit, you need to monitor your recovery process after surgery. You need to prove that you’ve experienced complications from the product and not your own behavior.

Hip replacement lawsuits typically happen in bulk because multiple people notice damage resulting from defective hip replacements. If you notice any troublesome circumstances after your surgery and recovery time, then you should research if there are any active lawsuits for your implants. 

The most common reason people file A a hip replacement claim is because of the metal on the metal used in the replacement that causes the recipient pain. However, you can also have a strong case for a lawsuit if you receive the wrong size hip implant. 

Always follow strict medical advice when you get hip replacement surgery to ensure that you have a strong case if any complications occur. Neglecting to follow medical advice your doctor provides could throw out your medical malpractice lawsuit. 

How Hip Replacement Lawyers Can Help

When you choose to go to a lawyer that specializes in medical malpractice and hip replacement surgeries, you ensure you get the best results from your court case. There are many lawyers with different specialties in United States law, and you need to pick a lawyer relevant to your case.

If you believe something went wrong with your surgical procedure or your implant is wrong, you should contact a lawyer to resolve the issue. If you contact your doctor or the company first, they will do everything they can to prevent you from going through with a lawsuit.

Always remember there is a statute of limitations when it comes to hip replacement surgery, so if the surgery occurred too long ago, you might not have a case. Consult a lawyer as soon as possible when you suspect something is wrong with your replacement hip implants.

It is a professional medical job to ensure you have a safe surgery and an excellent recovery. If the medical professional made a mistake that made this impossible for you, then you’re entitled to receive your medical expenses back from the malpractice.

Hip Replacement Injuries That Could Determine if You Have a Case

After a hip replacement surgery and the expected recovery time is finished, there are symptoms you can look out for to help determine if you have a medical malpractice case. Watch out for the following symptoms after your hip surgery.

  • Chronic hip pain after recovery time
  • Difficulty walking or keeping balance
  • Hip dislocations
  • Metallosis after receiving a hip implant
  • Consistent issues with the replacement becoming loose
  • Requiring surgery to revise the previous hip surgery

All these situations could indicate that you’ve experienced medical malpractice and that you should get in touch with a lawyer immediately. If you wait too long to discuss the situation with a reputable law firm, you could lose your case and not receive compensation for your troubles.

After you go through the financial and physical complications associated with most hip replacement surgery, you deserve to stand on your own two feet without a problem. You need to be your advocate and ensure that you get the care you deserve after your surgery.

Always remember that the medical facility you go to for surgery and the company that creates your hip implants does not have your well-being in mind. Contacting their HR department will only give them a chance to tarnish your potential lawsuit.

You need legal representation when medical malpractice occurs, or you might not receive justice for your situation. You can talk to a lawyer about any pharmaceutical malpractice or medical malpractice after you experience any medical situation that has complications.

How Common Are Hip Replacement Malpractice Lawsuits?

If you experience hip replacement malpractice that leaves you struggling, you should know that you’re not alone. Every single large name brand for hip implants you received during surgery has experienced billion-dollar losses from lawsuits.

The companies Stryker, Zimmer, Wright Medical, Biomet, and Exactech all have spent billions settling lawsuits from their hip replacement malpractice. As a result, these companies have cornered the market for medical hip replacements, and all of these companies have been sued for faulty equipment.

Your hip replacement malpractice lawsuit is not uncommon, and you have a network of people you can consult to help walk you through it. Always keep track of everything you can to have excellent odds of winning your lawsuit. 

Contact Us to Discuss Your Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Our hip replacement malpractice lawyers can help you by giving you a free consultation to determine if you have a case. Tons of situations could go wrong with your hip replacement implant, and you need to be compensated for any losses you incur that are no fault of your own. You should never receive financial and physical punishment for mistakes made by professionals in the medical industry. 

The sooner you contact us when you notice complications with your faulty hip implant, the better your odds are of having a successful case. If you wait too long to initiate a lawsuit with the company at fault for your complications, you could miss out on thousands of dollars and never receive justice for your situation.