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Construction sites can be hazardous, and accidents can occur regularly. Even though stringent safety measures are often implemented, the chances of an accident can still happen at the job site – even if it’s just minor injuries. The construction industry across New York State employs thousands of workers. No matter the project, many face hazards every day and put their lives on the line to improve the entire infrastructure – be it residential homes or commercial buildings, to name a few.

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Construction accidents are known to cause not only severe injuries but also lost wages and suffering, both physical and emotional. Thus, many people will be affected, including the workers, their families, and even the company as a whole. If a construction accident happens, an injured worker can be entitled to compensation for their losses. This can mean navigating the legal system, which can be a challenge for many.

That’s where a construction accident lawyer in New York can come into play. Not only do they have the expertise, but they have also worked with many people who have been in construction accidents and have been compensated for the losses they have suffered. At the same time, a construction accident lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and that your case is fair and just. They also have expertise in New York labor laws and construction regulations.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the importance of seeking legal representation if you have suffered an injury in a construction accident. The legal aspect of this can be challenging, but a personal injury lawyer will help you through it from start to finish. Let’s get started on what you need to know.

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Construction Injury on Long Island

It’s no secret that Long Island has long been one of the hotbeds for construction activity. It has many residential, commercial, and industrial infrastructures that are ongoing all at the same time. The construction industry is known for playing a vital role in Long Island’s economy, being the employer of thousands of skilled and competent workers in their particular trade. As such, they provide plenty of economic growth and opportunity to the area.

The increased risk of accidents and injuries is typically present at construction sites. That’s because construction workers will face numerous hazards, including falls from various heights, malfunctioning equipment, falling objects, and even hazardous material exposure, all of which can cause severe and life-altering injuries. Such examples include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, or even death.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that the construction industry is one of the most dangerous sectors for workers in the country. Unfortunately, one in five workplace fatalities in the private sector will occur in construction. For this reason, construction accidents on Long Island have been a growing and significant concern, with numerous incidents being reported every year.

By seeking legal representation from experienced construction accident lawyers, you can create a case to help you get the compensation you need for lost wages and damages incurred due to your construction accident injury. For over 20 years, the law office of Duffy and Duffy has represented construction workers who were injured on the job, and they have been able to get a fair judgment for their clients successfully. If you’re looking for experienced attorneys familiar with construction and safety regulations, look at this law firm based in Long Island to help you get through your case.

New York’s Labor Laws Protect Workers

No matter the occupation, New York has labor laws that are designed to protect workers. It is important for employers (including those in construction) to follow them accordingly. Including the laws that pertain to the protection of their employees’ health and safety.

Construction Accident Cases in New York

Common Construction Accident Injuries

Construction accidents in New York may involve various scenarios and types of injuries. Here is a list of the following situations that may arise:

  • Falls from heights are considered one of the leading causes of construction site injuries and fatalities. Workers could fall from ladders, roofs, scaffolding, or elevated surfaces. One major cause is the need for proper safety equipment or even unsafe working conditions. According to OSHA, businesses must follow stringent safety measures to ensure a safe workspace. Otherwise, failure to comply can lead to legal challenges, including fines and even civil suits.
  • Struck-by accidents: This accident features falling objects, such as building materials, tools, and debris. This can lead to severe injuries or even death. That’s why it is essential to ensure that toolboxes are secured in an area where they can’t be knocked down. Likewise, they should be closed when not in use so tools don’t fall from the bag itself and become a hazard for someone passing through. Also, building materials that may fall apart may be due to poor quality of the materials themselves or even improper construction.
  • Caught-in/between accidents: An incident where a worker gets caught or compressed between objects, such as equipment or machinery. That is why construction workers need to be aware of their surroundings. On the other hand, persons using construction machinery must also be mindful of their surroundings while operating.
  • Electrocution: Construction sites that use electrical equipment and power lines increase the risk of electrocution. Proper safety measures must be followed in this situation. Electrocution can lead to serious injury, such as major burns and death.
  • Trench collapses: Excavation sites in trenching activities increase the risk of someone being buried or crushed if a trench wall collapses. Once again, ensuring safety measures are in place for such projects is essential. Heavy equipment should never be sitting on the edge of a trench. Weather could also contribute to trench collapses; be mindful of such conditions on days when the projects need to continue.
  • Equipment-related accidents: Construction equipment like cranes, forklifts, and power tools can malfunction or be improperly used. As a result of this, serious injuries or fatalities are possible. Skilled construction workers must be trained accordingly to utilize specific power tools. In addition, they must also possess special licensing or permits to operate cranes or forklifts. This is to ensure that they have not only the skill and knowledge but also the understanding of being able to use such equipment safely.
  • Exposure to hazardous materials: Hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, and other toxic chemicals can lead to long-term health issues. That is why construction workers working around these harmful substances must always wear protective gear at the job site. This includes, but is not limited to, N95 masks, hazmat suits, and related attire.

No matter what type of construction injury occurs in an accident, workers can seek compensation for their injuries, lost wages, and damages. They can consult with a New York construction accident lawyer to determine their options in the future. Navigating the legal process can be challenging, particularly if you’ve been injured in a construction accident and want to be compensated accordingly.

What Experience do you Have with Construction Accident Cases?

The law office of Duffy and Duffy was founded in 1996. Since then, we have served numerous clients throughout various legal situations. These have also included construction accidents, medical malpractice lawsuits, and personal injury claims. In addition, the law office has successfully settled over 70 multi-million dollar cases. This is a testament that you can have one of the best law offices at your side whenever you want to be compensated for your construction accident injuries.

Our experience working with personal injury and similar cases, along with our deep understanding of the New York labor laws and construction regulations, can give you peace of mind. We will make sure that we work with you regarding your construction accident situation. If you have been a construction accident victim in New York, you must contact us as soon as possible. We will allow you to consult with us to ensure that you have a strong case moving forward.

What are the Likely Obstacles We Will Face In Pursuing My Construction Accident Case?

Pursuing a construction accident case will feature plenty of obstacles and challenges. For this reason, Duffy and Duffy will be able to help you navigate through these challenges effectively. That is why it is essential to be aware of the following:

Pursuing a construction accident case will feature plenty of obstacles and challenges. For this reason, Duffy and Duffy will be able to help you navigate through these challenges effectively. That is why it is essential to be aware of the following:

  • Proving liability: Establishing liability can be difficult in a construction accident case. Multiple parties could be involved, such as the contractors, subcontractors, equipment manufacturers, and even the property owners. That’s why it is important for investigations to be launched as soon as possible. From there, there needs to be evidence to help support the case, along with expert witness testimonies, so you can build a strong case and determine who is liable for the accident and resulting injuries.
  • Insurance companies: The liable parties may also be represented by the insurance companies. This is likely because they prioritize their financial interests over the individual’s well-being. In addition, they could minimize or deny the claims and offer settlements that may seem inadequate. Even more disturbing, they may utilize tactics that could delay the process for months or years. For this reason, you want an experienced attorney in construction worker accidents on your side as soon as possible. At Duffy and Duffy, our attorneys have successfully negotiated with the insurance companies and fought for you so you get the total and fair compensation you deserve.
  • Lack of Evidence or Witness Testimony: A construction site can be a noisy and chaotic environment, which makes it difficult to obtain important evidence or witness accounts. However, at Duffy and Duffy, we have a team of skilled investigators and experts who are adept at navigating these challenges. They will diligently gather witness statements and procure crucial evidence for your case, ensuring that your legal situation has a solid foundation.
  • Employer Retaliation or Intimidation: Regrettably, after a construction accident injury, victims may face intimidation or even retaliation from employers. At Duffy and Duffy, we stand firmly against those who employ these tactics. Our commitment is not just to win your case, but to protect your rights as a client. We believe in fair justice without you suffering any repercussions.
  • Statute of Limitations: It is important to note that New York has a statute of limitations when it comes to filing a construction accident claim. In New York, the statute of limitations for negligence claims such as construction accidents is three years from when the accident occurred. It is essential to know, however, that if the construction accident resulted in a fatality, the surviving parties have two years from the day of the accident to file a claim on behalf of their deceased family member.

When it comes to obstacles, no need to worry. Our skilled attorneys will help you navigate them with ease. The last thing you want is to run into roadblocks that may hinder your case. It would help if you did not tackle your construction injury case alone. Due to these obstacles, it can be a challenge for you to navigate on your own. Don’t take the risk, especially if the cards appear stacked against you.

What are the Costs Associated with Pursuing a Construction Accident Case?

At Duffy and Duffy, we fully understand that a construction accident can lead to significant financial strain, especially when it comes to medical expenses and lost wages. We are here to help you navigate these challenges. We provide you with a free consultation and discuss legal fees at our initial consultation meeting, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of your case.

We will be as clear and transparent as possible when working with you. We care more about our clients than the money we earn from the cases we win.

Can I Sue the Construction Company for Negligence?

The answer is yes. You can sue the construction company for negligence. Duffy and Duffy’s attorneys specialize in construction accidents and can help you build a negligence case. To successfully sue a construction company for negligence, you must prove that the construction company owed you a duty of care, such as being able to provide you with a safe work environment.

We’ll Help You Seek Compensation For Your Construction Accident Medical Bills & Lost Wages

In addition, it should be proven that the construction company breached that duty through negligence – actions or inactions. The breach of duty should also be the direct cause of the accident and the subsequent injuries. Finally, you must prove that you suffered quantifiable damages like medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need to Sue a Construction Company?

Suppose you’ve been injured in a construction accident and want to pursue legal action against the construction company or liable parties. In that case, you want to work with a lawyer specializing in such cases. Duffy and Duffy’s attorneys specialize in construction accidents and have worked with those involved in construction accidents for over 30 years. They come to the table with plenty of experience and know how to help you navigate the legal obstacles and challenges that may arise whenever you want to pursue legal action.

Who’s Liable for My Injuries After a Construction Accident?

There could be multiple parties that may be held liable in construction accidents that result in injuries. By determining liability, you want to make sure that there is proof. Some parties that could be liable for this situation include the construction company or contractor, subcontractors, property owners, equipment or material manufacturers, architects or engineers, and government entities. Duffy and Duffy attorneys, who specialize in construction accidents, can help determine liability and ensure you get the maximum compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and damages.

Why Hire an Attorney for a Construction Accident?

As we have mentioned before, the legal process after a construction accident without an attorney will be challenging, especially if the cards are stacked against you. Liable parties and their construction companies may employ tactics that will not only shortchange you on compensation but can also worsen the pain and suffering. That is why hiring an attorney for a construction accident is paramount.

Call Our New York Construction Accident Lawyers For Help

With their expertise in construction laws and regulations and the ability to gather evidence and witness testimonies, having a construction accident lawyer on your side will be the difference maker. You deserve maximum compensation, which is not considered unfair or unjust. The issue here is that the liable parties and construction companies fear losing a lot of money as a result of the accident that may occur. They do their part to cover up as much as possible to minimize the compensation. It is not ethical at all.

As such, you must make sure that you consult with the construction accident attorney as soon as possible. As we have mentioned earlier, please note that the statute of limitations in New York is three years from the accident date. In the event of a construction worker’s death, the next of kin and surviving family members have two years to file a claim. Either way, Duffy and Duffy is ready to help those involved in a construction accident get the maximum judgment they deserve.

How to Pick the Right Construction Accident Attorney?

Choosing the right construction accident attorney is one of the first steps in pursuing legal action. There are many lawyers and law firms to choose from, especially in the New York City metropolitan area and Long Island. For this reason, determining which one will fit your needs can be a considerable challenge. Let us provide you with some of the following tips on what to do at this point:

  • Find specialized expertise: A construction accident attorney specializes in such situations. Finding a specialist instead of a general practice attorney will give you peace of mind, mainly because they deeply understand construction laws, safety regulations, and any relevant information that may pertain to your case.
  • View their track record: While researching an attorney or firm’s track record, one must consider their success record. Find out what construction accident cases they have been successful in. In addition, look for any positive client testimonials. Notable case results and any recognition in this practice area can also be something you can look for.
  • Are they easy to communicate with? In a legal situation, it is paramount that lawyers and clients communicate regularly. As such, it is a two-way street, and there should be a mutual understanding of the legal situation. You want to make sure that the attorney or law firm you contact can communicate with you anytime you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
  • Ask about their fee structure: When consulting with an attorney, you need to understand the fee structure. The good news is that many attorneys will provide this upfront. Others will work on a contingency basis, meaning they can only get paid after successfully securing the compensation they deserve. Be sure to clarify any percentage of the fee that may apply in addition to any costs or expenses you could be responsible for.
  • Review testimonials: Testimonials from other clients can be one of the cornerstones in making a crucial decision regarding your legal situation. You can look for any testimonials related to construction-related accidents. In addition, you can also take a look at testimonials regarding related personal injury cases. This will allow you to view the experience of past clients so you can set the expectations of your own experience when the time comes to file a lawsuit against the liable parties.

Can I Sue My Employer After I Get Hurt on a Long Island Construction Site?

In the state of New York, workers’ compensation laws generally prevent employees from taking legal action against employers directly, especially when it comes to on-the-job injuries. Injured workers will often file claims through the state’s workers’ compensation system to receive benefits that will go towards medical expenses, lost wages, or even disability payments, if applicable.

However, some exceptions may apply, allowing you to sue your employer after a construction accident on a Long Island job site. Let us take a look at some examples of how this can be possible:

  • Employers in the state of New York are required to provide workers’ compensation coverage. If they fail to comply with this, you will be allowed to file a lawsuit against them for your injuries and additional damages.
  • If a third party is involved, their negligence that may have contributed to or caused the construction accident could be deemed liable. This includes situations where defective equipment, property owners, or other contractors may be involved. Again, this may depend on the problem associated with these third parties. In turn, you can file a third-party lawsuit against the negligent party and still receive workers’ compensation benefits from your employer.
  • If the employer intentionally caused harm, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against them. However, it is crucial to make sure that you prove that the employer intentionally caused harm or engaged in any egregious conduct leading to the incident.

Experienced Long Island Construction Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in any construction accident or a loved one of someone who was injured, resulting in death, the chances of you pursuing legal action are great up to this point. You need to consult with an experienced Long Island construction accident attorney who will be familiar with the laws, regulations, and standard construction procedures. Duffy and Duffy know that the right legal team on your side will ensure you get the fair and just judgment you or your loved one deserves.

Our initial consultation will help outline the situation and put together a strategy that will help build a strong case. We want to make sure that the construction accident, with the evidence and witness testimonies, is enough to move forward. At the same time, we will stand up to adversaries such as the liable parties and their insurance companies so you can get the maximum compensation to cover your medical expenses and other damages and alleviate any financial hardships you may have.

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If you or your loved one has suffered an injury from a construction accident, now is the time to ensure you have an attorney. Do not try to tackle the legal aspect of this situation alone. At Duffy and Duffy, we are confident that we can help you succeed in navigating the legal obstacles that may slow you down. For more information on how we can help, call us at 516-394-4200. Our office is in Uniondale, New York, at 1370 RXR Plaza.

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