Fact & Fiction

Fiction: More and more malpractice suits are filed in New York state each year.
Fact: New malpractice lawsuits have been filed in New York at effectively a flat rate for several years.

Fiction: Medical malpractice awards climb higher each year at unbelievable rates.
Fact: Awards in medical malpractice cases have risen at a rate equal to medical inflation.

Fiction: New York has the least amount of doctors in the country – we shouldn’t punish them for being overworked.
Fact: New York has one of the highest number of physicians per capita in the country.

Fiction: Physicans are disciplined by their peers, they don’t need to be by the court or state.
Fact: There is little to no discipline of physicians in New York State

Fiction: Reimbursement rates provided by health insurance providers increase each year.
Fact: The there is no recognition of the fact that the reimbursement rates provided by health insurance providers have dropped each year, drastically cutting into the financial well-being of hospitals and physicians

Fiction: Bad doctors don’t practice, their peers do not let them.
Fact: New York’s medical professionals protect (and subsidize the insurance for) the worst doctors in the state – those who are commercially uninsurable – allowing them to continue to practice while good doctors are forced to add the costs of that harm to their own insurance premiums.

Fiction: The only way to drop malpractice premiums is to eliminate malpractice cases from our court system.
Fact: If bad physicians stopped harming their patients, malpractice premiums would drop precipitously.