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And each other.

At Duffy & Duffy, our experienced team works hard to maximize recovery for every case to give every client peace of mind. We stand apart from other medical malpractice and personal injury firms with a dedicated practice group focused on nursing home abuse.

We diligently protect the right of every elderly individual to receive quality care without exposure to unnecessary hazards. We are proud to pursue justice and compensation for nursing home residents and their families on Long Island and beyond.

As a financial planner, you also help families. The same clients who need your guidance on assets, inheritances, funeral expenses, and other financial matters may also need our guidance through the courts to secure their futures.

Let us focus on the legal issues — and you focus on the financial matters.

When your clients need legal help recovering compensation, let us help. We can help your clients secure the financial recovery they are entitled to. And when our clients need professional guidance with managing their financial assets, we can refer them to you.

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