Dear Mr. Duffy, Mary Ellen, et al:

It is still with disbelief that we write this final thank you.

Back in 1998 when we presented Victor’s case to you we had no idea that it would take so long. 17 years is Victor’s life thus far, 17 years represents 1/3 of our lives, 17 years is 2/3 of our marriage. We had no idea how Victor’s illness would affect him, but we knew it wasn’t good. And 17 years is a long time – we thank you for persevering for so long to reach a favorable outcome for victor. Your expertise and commitment to his case is realty appreciated. It is a tremendous weight off our shoulders to know that Victor will be able to live his life reasonably and comfortably.

I lost my dear mother due to the negligence of medical professionals, but thanks to the efforts of my attorneys at Duffy & Duffy, I was able to receive a settlement of $500,000.

They truly fight for those who have been injured!


I was the victim of a fall because of the failure of a property owner to properly remove snow and ice. I suffered multiple injuries with surgeries.

My life was turned upside down. Fortunately, I retained the services of Duffy & Duffy who through their attorneys, especially Frank Torres, and excellent support staff vigorously and expertly fought on my behalf achieving a settlement of $450,000.

I would recommend them to anyone who has been injured because of someone’s negligence. You will be in very good hands!

Mrs. B

Dear Duffy and Duffy,

This is a note of appreciation for all you have done to win my case. You probably receive little correspondence after the final check has been received by your clients, so I want you to know what a blessing you all have been to my life. Winning the case has replaced the lost income and retirement benefits. It has allowed me to go to specialized doctors who often don’t take insurance. It has also allowed me to pay for medications and supplements that aren’t covered by insurance.

From the very first meeting with you, I was treated with respect and compassion. The staff was always professional and dedicated. We ae very grateful and thankful to your firm for all the effort and care you took to present and win my case.

Mr. & Mrs. C