Patients’ Rights

Patients’ Rights and Medical Malpractice

To ensure long term patient safety, it is imperative that patients understand not only their rights, but also the current legislative debate and how it impacts their personal safety and well being.

We believe if there is to be a meaningful improvement in health care reform, the victims of bad doctors who seek justice in a courtroom must stop being attacked, and a concerted effort must be made to start rooting out the small percentage of physicians who cause the greatest majority of the harm.

Malpractice reforms cannot be a means to make committing malpractice and harming patients more affordable. Such reforms must be designed to end avoidable errors in the first instance. The following resources are available for those seeking to learn more about this difficult issue and understand what is often an overlooked aspect of healthcare reform.

Fact & Fiction

The Current Debate

Medical Malpractice and Legal Definitions